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Down sampling more

ExtIO_sddc.dll is designed for use of BBRF103 / RX888  with HDSDR . The  input stream from the ADC ( 16bit , 64 MHz real signal)  is analyzed in an overlap and save method   (overlap-scrap)   with an FFT of dimension N = 8192 . After the low pass filtering convolution an output FFT - 1   of dimension M = 256  decimates the sampling rate to 2 MHz .  64 * 256 / 8192  =  2  MHz.  Signal tuning is made with circular shift in frequency and fine tuning using a complex mixer in time. This is a simplified diagram of SDDC: If we want to use a stand alone application deeper decimation and filtering is required to match the computer audio sampling. A possible block diagram of the application is: The Base Band Digital Processor module receives an I&Q input at 2 MHz and generates an output to demodulation module at "audio" speed.. Here  some numbers. /* F INPUT   FFT        FFT        F OUT (kHz) (N)       (M)         (kHz) 2000 32000 192     12  2000 32000 384       24  20