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ExtIO_sddc.dll v1.01

It is a tentative version of ExtIO_sddc.dll  that can operate with BBRF103,  HF103, RX888 as the FX3 Arm code detects the hardware type used. The sources are at   a compiled dll is at MD5 ef1579eeb47ee1fc4f3c8ec45520d81c extio_sddc_v1.01.dll Copy the dll in a directory with HDSDR.exe and libfftw3f-3.dll. Here a summary of changes. - First, there are a lot of new bugs... I'm sure :-) - The SDDC_FX3.img arm program detects the radio hardware.      If there is not a programmable Si5351a  the radio is a HF103 and operates only in HF      else      if there is a pull up (led blue) on GPIO54 of FX3 the radio is a BBRF103      else      it is a RX888. -The control protocol in between FX3 and ExtIO_sddc.dll is redesigned and the programming of Si5351a and R820T2 is now made by the SDDC_FX3.img code. It obtains faster communication and simplifies the ExtIO a little bit. -The ExtIO_SDDC.dll dialog is minimalistic. Ar